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Do you get sick of business books that are boring, dry and prescriptive? Here's an entertaining way to learn TUF skills and enjoy the process.

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Buy this unbeatable offer today. For only $40.00 you get a copy of the book that has helped so many people deal with difficult customers. Help yourself and your team Thrive Under Fire!

20 + years of experience

Proven results from trainings

Great for team leaders & managers

Since its inception, the TUF program has been taught to people around the globe with stunning results. It has helped countless people, from all walks of life, better deal with difficult people in their work and personal lives.

When things get tough, give TUF a go. It will be a game-changer and life-changer.

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Only $40.00USD

For only forty dollars you can't go wrong. Claim your copy of our digital book.

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Award winning author

2010 – NZATD Education Trust Award for Innovation

2008 – NZATD Education Trust Award for Facilitation.

2021 – NZATD Emerging Technology Initiative

Our Mission

We help people learn to manage emotions at work.

We want workplaces to become more effective and more satisfying places to work because workers are more resilient.

We do this through face-to-face and online training options that give people the skills to deal well with angry, aggressive and upset customers or colleagues and de-escalate challenging emotional moments.

Buy the book today, to get a taste of what a training session could do for you and your team.

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